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3D Adventure Board


Atoms 3D (Free) is our first game for Windows Phone.

The aim of the game is capture (turn your colour) the whole board. You play by clicking on an atom and adding a particle to the atom. When the atom reaches critical mass (ie: the number of particles in the atom is the same as the number of sides) a chain reaction begins.

As the number of captured atoms increases the chain reactions get bigger. Near the end of the game a single particle can start a chain reaction that can change the state of nearly every atom.

We have put a small sample (2D board) you can play on the website - so you can see how it works. Click here to play.

The Boffin

As well as playing your friends (2 to 4 players) there are a 9 levels of phone players (aliens) to play against. These start with Granny who will help you to get the hang of the game. The toughest challenge is the Boffin and we have only just managed beat him ourselves!

The game can be played in "free play" mode where you choose the number of players, level (alien) and board. Or it can be played in "adventure" mode.

In "adventure" mode we have structured the challenges. Each level (alien) has 3 boards chosen to match the difficulty of the level. If you complete all the levels, you can switch the game into super adventure mode (in the settings screen) where the level of difficulty is increased. Watch out for the phone (alien) player adding particles to the hidden side of 3D boards!!

If you can complete all the boards in the adventure, we'll soon add a page here where you can record your achievment.

There are a wide range of boards. As well as the traditional 2D square board of various sizes, there is a cuboid board that you can select the size of the sides and lots of other 2D and 3D boards. Do you know what a "Great Rhombicuboctahedron" looks like. Or a "Pentakis Dodecahedron". See if you can work out what the boards are called. Email us at

3D Board Icon

You can find Atoms 3D (Free) on the Windows Phone Marketplace - search for "atoms" and look for this logo.

Or click on following links - ATOMS 3D FREE   ATOMS 3D