MS Advertising SDK 6.1 - no ads displaying for combined silverlight/XNA apps

Just published update to our windows phone game (Atoms 3D) on AppHub and its not displaying ads. It displays ads if I deploy the same XAP file directly to my developer phone. There's also a slightly newer version of the MS Advertising SDK 6.1.320 available for download from the version I downloaded a few weeks ago.

I've emailed pubcenter support to see if this release fixes this issue.

Another developer has reported the same issue on the pubcenter forum:



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  1. Darren H. says:

    I deployed a beta version of our application using the MS advertising 6.1.320 SDK and still the same issue - No MS Ads. I managed to get a look at the XAP being deployed from the marketplace and the "ID_CAP_WEBBROWSERCOMPONENT" capability had been removed from the "WMAppManifest.xml" file. It was in the original project - so the package verification process in AppHub must be removing the entry.

    I ran the original project through the "Marketplace Test Kit" in visual studio and yes the "ID_CAP_WEBBROWSERCOMPONENT" capability isn't detected as being required (must have missed it in earlier testing).

    That gave me the idea to try adding a dummy web component to the project and seeing if the "Marketplace Test Kit" detects the webbrowser capability. It did.

    As a test I've created another beta of our game and deployed it via AppHub (with the dummy web component). That was available to download from the marketplace yesterday and now our game is correctly displaying MS Adverts.

    So it looks like the Marketplace validation isn't detecting the presence of the MS advertising DLLs and enabling the correct capabilities. So it's worth a check before deploying a project with the MS advertising SDK that the required capabilities are being detected and if not add some dummy components to the project that will ensure the capabilities are detected.

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