MS adcontrol - XNA / Silverlight game project

I've been investigating possible ways to get the MS adcontrol to work on the game page of a mixed XNA / Silverlight project. I've tried:

  • trapping the error on the silverlight version of the adcontol. Stopping the render calls at intervals seems to help, especially after ad has just updated. But it still crashes eventually.
  • with the XNA version of the adcontrol the constructor needs a "game" object and I've been trying to build a custom game class that I can populate with the data the adcontrol needs.
  • also wondered if there was a way to get to the background thread the adcontrol is running under and wrap the background thread in try /  catch block, or capture the exception in some other way. Also wondered if could apply lock as crash seems to occur during the draw operation of the adcontrol.

Anyone else having any success trying to get this to work?

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  1. Darren H. says:

    Just received the March 2012 developer newsletter and there's reference to a new version of the advertising sdk that includes support for combined XNA/Silverlight applications. Link seems to be to the Nov 2011 release. Hope this will change shortly to link to the new version download page.

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