Windows 8 - Downloading...

With a little trepidation (and a backup of my data to USB drive) I'm putting my new'ish Asus laptop into the hands of the Windows 8 upgrade assistant. With the offers from Microsoft and the availability of express tools to develop for Windows 8 and Windows 8 phone, its time to try it out.

The Upgrade assistant produces a nice report on what software and devices are compatible. After removing a number of items that aren't compatible, its time to press on through the wizard. The money is extracted from my credit card with relative ease and a confirmation page gives me my shiny new product key.

So starts the download, about 1 hours 30 mins on my BT broadband (should get BT Infinity in the next couple of months). Is that a rollercoaster letting me know the download is proceeding?

The download is being checked... getting near. Option to burn ISO and rebooted machine from new DVD... oops wrong option. To upgrade it appears you run the setup from inside the existing OS not from boot.

Reboot back into windows 7 and run the setup from the DVD. Things look better. Asked if I want to keep settings, data and applications. Yes...

Installing windows 8... "this might take a while"... although seems to be progressing quite quickly.

Spoke too soon, after getting to 100% several times, its still checking drivers or profiles or something.

Finally the option to logon with the main admin account appears and I can logon. A quick check round and my account, apps and data look to be intact.

So now to put back a few things that weren't compatible, BT McAfee etc.

All looks good.

All in all a reasonably smooth transition to Windows 8 - well done Microsoft. Now time to work out where they have hidden the shutdown button....

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